White Chocolate Matcha Affogato Latte

Matcha with espresso shot and white chocolate mocha



  • Two scoops of dairy free vanilla ice cream
  • 1 tsp ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder
  • 2tbsp (40ml) room temperature water


  1. Place matcha green tea in a glass jar and water – shake well
  2. Pour over dairy-free vanilla ice cream


Yes, there is also a reason as to why I used room-temperature water over boiling water. Firstly, it is very hard to dissolve matcha in a cold liquid. Secondly, hot boiling water ruins the flavour of matcha.


We place matcha and water in a jar and shake it (not stir) to dissolve. This must be done in a glass jar over a stainless steel shaker because the colour and taste of matcha is ruined when it comes into contact with metal. This happens because of tannins (biomolecule found in plants) in matcha react to metal and can give matcha a metallic taste and black colour.