Vanilla Almond Roobios Latte

Almond milk is my milk substitute of choice. I don’t prefer the flavour with coffee but it makes a delicious blend with rooibos. Feel free to try it with a different milk or a different tea, I’m just offering a guideline.

1/2 cup strong brewed tea, vanilla rooibos is my favourite

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 tsp honey, or alternative sweetener for a vegan latte

1/4 tsp vanilla, optional

dash of cinnamon

Brew a strong half cup of tea, either with freshly boiled water or through an espresso machine.

Then heat and foam the almond milk using the milk frother* on an espresso machine or on the stovetop. The milk may not foam much on the stovetop, but if you prefer more foam there are small handheld and battery operated frothers to be found for cheap (ours came from IKEA). Almond milk gets a pretty generous foam – better than rice milk from what I’ve heard.

I don’t know the proper method to add to a latte but I stir the honey and vanilla into the tea, pour the hot milk over, and top with the foam. A dash of cinnamon adds a finishing touch.